About Boulder Colorado

The Pearl Street Mall, the heart of Downtown Boulder, is 1.1 miles from the College of Music and is easily accesible by public transportation. There is world-class hiking around Boulder. Chautauqua Park, 1.5 miles from the College of Music, has many trails including some to the top of the famous “Flatirons”. The Boulder Canyon trail, 2 miles from the College of Music, is an easy but spectacular hike that meanders along a river surrounded by huge rock walls. With outstanding shopping, lodging, restaurants, services, and entertainment & events, Downtown Boulder offers captivating experiences for everyone.

Websites BoulderColoradUSA.com and Downtown Boulder are excellent resources for visitors. The Downtown Boulder Dining Guide is especially well-organized and useful. The listings for eating and sleeping on the site are extensive. Please see our recommendtions for Hotels and Restaurants found under Travel.

Left – Pearl Street Mall • Right – Boulderado Hotel, downtown Boulder

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